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Many of the people who have gotten themselves in the situation of being infected will always end up regretting in their whole life. They always conclude that their dating life is over. Are you one of them? positivesingles is a site that got you covered; it has offered a light to your dating life. PositiveSingles.com is a dating site that embraces people who have Sexually Transmitted Infections in the current world. The website connects single ladies and men who are affected with the disease to form couples.

How It Works

Positivesingles.com is a specific niche that when you search from the search engines, it will direct you to the website. In the site, you are required to register if you want to be a member of the group. Person's details which are never disclosed to anyone are needed. Here everybody is known as singles that have STD, now what you have to do is to specify on which type you have so that you can get your match. The system automatically detects the same features and only allows people who have the same kind of the disease you have to view your profile.

After imputing all the registration details required you can be able to view other people's profile. Does the site offer the messaging app where if anyone gets attracted to the other they can have their private conversation and who knows? Maybe there is your future.


Unless you want specific features, positivesingles.com is free being a standard member does not charge any fee. However, having unique features at a gold membership, you will be required to pay$ 40 every month.

The type of membership where you don't pay anything at all. As a member, you will be able to enjoy features like

1. Emailing feature. Standard members are all allowed to use the email application to send emails to different people as many as they wish at a free cost. Emailing has been the most efficient mode of communication currently because of its unique features. Having it as a mode of communication for free, I believe it is a significant added advantage.

2. Upload their pictures. They are allowed to upload images on their profile. They can change the image whenever they want no restrictions, however, are entitled to upload and share videos with friends, not at any limit of the number. Through this many of the members can get the outlooks of others especially those looking for spouses.

3. Messaging feature. They are also entitled and have been granted the free will of sending messages to other members in the site at a free cost same as mailing not at a limited number at all

4. They can comment on other peoples posted pictures. This feature was enabled to enable them to help each other raises their self-esteem now that the society does not accept them thinking they are not well-behaved people. In many of the comments you will find many of them telling others they are beautiful, and by this, they raise their esteem in that they are being appreciated.

5. Those who log in on Facebook, they have an opportunity of having accounts. Under these accounts, they can invite friends, chose their friends, post anything and even tag different people they like Gold Membership Features Gold membership is the highest level of membership you can own, it, however, requires some payment, though you will enjoy many fun features that ease your communication. Below are some of the features.

1. Have Gold stars on their profile pictures. Distinguishes them from the standard members, it makes them unique from the other members, and many of the Gold members rely like the stars appearing on their profiles. 2. They are exempted from annoying adverts as they view their profile, sometimes adverts can be annoying. Giving them a unique feature as you compare the two members' profiles. 3. They have a feature that enables them to hide their profiles from the website in that they can only see people's accounts when they have activated theirs too.

Other Unique Features

Positivesingles.com has got very many useful features. However, we will not be able to discuss all of them all you need to do is register up with the site and slowly you will learn many useful features in the site.

1. The site allows users to use dating features at a free price. People have been able to get spouses who make the good out of them, and many have ended up getting healthy children through the site at a free cost.

2. The site also allows the use for the Action feature that allows registered members to get updates on each other even without messaging or calling. Through this feature, members have been able to advise each other on the measures to take to stay healthy

3. They have the calling feature, where any registered member can call the other using the video call without network disruptions.

Privacy and Security

The site assures everybody that registers with their information is kept as a secret with the system because it won't be fair to expose to the whole world that a particular person has a specific disease. The site's mission is to ensure that everybody feels equal no matter what. The current world has turned to own frauds and thieves who go site by site looking for exposed information to steal from people, however as the site tries its best, as a member don't disclose your information to anybody anyhow. You never know whom your details are landing too.


The site has been of great help to single ladies and men who end up loveless just because they got infected with the STI. The societies have even gone ahead to deny them instead of motivating them, so they can know it's never the end. However, not all single people have gotten aware of these sites, as one of the beneficiaries you should inform anyone you think is suffering because of rejection as this site got a new community for them.

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